It's Always Better When We're Together!

Everything is better with a buddy! When your significant other joins you on your health and wellness journey, it provides a positive support system, and makes the journey along the way more fun. I cherish the hikes and walks my husband and I take together, and I love to be with someone who appreciates the delicious flavors of fresh, whole foods. What’s more, he is one fabulous sous chef! My husband and I are each other’s motivation to live a healthier lifestyle because we know how important it is to take care of ourselves. The more we nourish our bodies and minds, the more quality time we will have to spend together in the future.

A supportive significant other will love you, believe in you, push you, help you grow, and motivate you to be your best self. You will cheer each other on during your good days and lift each other up during your bad days. You will hold each other accountable as you reach your goals together. And of course, you will have fun as you progress towards your transformation!

In the spirit of American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, try some of these activities together with your loved one to add more health and wellness into your life.

Cook dinner together - Make a healthy, wholesome dinner together and share the tasks. While one of you preps the food, the other can start the cooking process. Assign certain dishes to each other based on what you enjoy. Even if one of you is not savvy in the kitchen, no worries! Simply slicing vegetables is a huge help and is great teamwork. Share a glass of red wine and turn up the music. Set the table and light candles. Cherish each other’s company while you slowly chew and savor the homemade meal you cooked together.

Take a cooking class - Want to get out of your kitchen and have a fun, interactive date night? Spice it up and take a cooking class! Look for a cuisine you both enjoy, or be adventurous and try something completely new. Enjoy a delicious cooked meal with fresh, quality ingredients that you created, and best of all, you don’t have to worry about the dishes! :)

Try a new fruit or vegetable - Experiment with new fruits and vegetables. Taste a new berry, melon, or apple variety. Try a new leafy green or cook a unique seasonal squash. Eat them raw or use different cooking methods. See what each of you enjoys most about these new whole foods you introduced into your life.

Try a new healthy dish on the menu - Change it up. Rather than order “the usual” at your favorite restaurants, try a new grilled fish, salad, or side vegetable medley. Start out with a warm, hearty soup instead of fried calamari. Instead of getting French fries or spaghetti with your entree, how about a side of roasted sweet potatoes? Each order something different and share your dishes. You will add more nutrients to your diet, add variety to your life, and expand your palate.

Run or walk outdoors - Get outside together. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air and clear your head. Go for a long distance run, take a brisk, fast- paced walk, or slowly stroll outside while you enjoy the scenery around you. Discuss life or move in silence and appreciate each other’s company as you take in the sounds of nature.   

Be a gym buddy - Let’s face it, there may be days when one or both of you may not feel like going to the gym. If you are each other’s gym buddies, you will motivate one another to get off the couch. Having a gym buddy will hold you accountable and push you to get there more often. Run next to each other on the treadmill, count reps while doing weights, or take an exercise class. Even if you prefer different activities at the gym, at least you are there together.

Do a couple’s sport - Play a friendly, fun interactive sport! Try out your tennis or pickle ball rackets, play a game of one-on-one basketball, or even get other couples to join you. Join a kickball or softball team. Whatever you love, as long as you’re both moving!

Go for a bike ride - Dust off those bicycles that have been sitting in your garage and test out the wheels. Go for a leisurely bike ride by the water or get down and dirty on your favorite path in the woods.  Take an hour ride or make it a day trip and pack a healthy picnic lunch.

Do yoga together - Clear your minds, breathe, and focus while you do yoga together. Join a class or do a yoga session at home. It is a great physical workout, and a beneficial mental workout. You will both feel more relaxed, grounded, and peaceful.

Get a couple’s massage - Treat each other to a rejuvenating day at the spa and sign up for a couple’s massage. Take advantage of the hot sauna, hot tubs, and detox. You both deserve it!

As Jack Johnson says, “It’s always better when we’re together.” There are so many fun activities you and your loved one can do to add health and wellness into your life. Experiment and see what you both enjoy the most. Cherish the time together as you transform your bodies and your lives.

Talya Kosstrin