Integrative Health and Wellness Coach with Talya Kosstrin

Hello busy professional! Are you ready to finally create the time for you, ditch the “diet" mindset, and form new habits towards a happier, healthier life?

Allow me the opportunity and the pleasure of guiding you through the steps necessary to achieve a progressive transformation towards your best self!

As an Integrative Health Coach, I help you to identify and achieve your wellness goals in a positive, supportive environment. Rather than focus on diets, restrictions, and deprivation, you and I will work together to implement basic, gradual changes that realistically fit into your busy schedule.

These modifications will not only improve the food on your plate, but will also help increase your energy, reduce your stress, deepen your sleep, and boost your confidence. You will acquire the tools to help plan ahead for success and gain that well-deserved time for YOU!

True, sustainable change is the result of a progressive transformation, and I would like to coach you through the process as you take small steps towards a healthier, happier, balanced you!

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The key is to CREATE the time for you!

Progressive Trans4mation - Bridal Edition

Allow me to help you relieve the stressors of wedding planning and reclaim your health!

We will work together to create small, realistic, achievable goals that will improve every aspect of your life –the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I will coach and support you throughout as you journey towards the best day of your life and help you to begin the journey to a fulfilling life together!



Learn how to reclaim your health one step at a time, one day at a time!