Accountability: The Journey from Commitment to Results!

Recently someone said to me, “Talya, my wife and I know what to do to lead a healthy lifestyle. We know that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, cook healthy meals at home, and add more exercise to our life, but what advice do you have to help us get there?” My answer is accountability.

As is true for that individual, most of you know what needs to be done and yet many of you struggle to achieve interim goals that lead to sustainable habits.  Identifying these goals is a step in the right direction--it is in fact the first step towards achieving health and wellness transformation. Adding accountability to the mix is oftentimes the key to bridging the gap between commitment and results.

Having someone in your life to hold you accountable adds the motivation to stay on track and to achieve your goals.

As an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, I work with you, support you, and hold you accountable as you make gradual modifications to your diet and lifestyle based on your unique needs. I can help you learn to listen to your body and what it craves: physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will take small steps towards your intended goals towards a progressive transformation and have a coach to cheer you on along your journey!

Working with a coach who will hold you accountable derives several benefits:

  • Commitment - having a committed partner increases the probability of following through with stated goalsWhen a client commits to working with me, they have my commitment to be with them every step of the way to create positive, progressive lifestyle changes.

  • Motivation - reporting to a coach provides the motivation to continue to work towards established goals. I love it when clients leave each session excited and confident to tackle their next goals. It is inspiring to see the smiles on their faces when we meet again and they share their success stories.

  • Positive reinforcement - a coach helps steer you through the off day or week. A coach will help you to identify what may be standing in the way of reaching your goals and help you to adjust accordingly.  I always remind my clients to keep a positive mindset and move forward no matter what happened on the prior day. The important thing is to progress towards a better tomorrow.

  • Support - a coach supports you and cheers you on along your journey so that you don’t have to go it alone. I check in with my clients several times a week to follow up on their progress and provide support between sessions. We celebrate daily achievements and successes together, no matter how big or small.

  • Focus - a coach will help you to identify why you want to achieve your specific goals and help you to stay on track during the process. I work together with my clients to focus on the items that are the most important to their physical and emotional needs.

  • Time-Management Improvement - a coach will help you to create specific, concrete, measurable action steps to best fit your schedule and needs. For example, rather than a plan to exercise 4 days next week, my clients and I review their planners.  We select specific dates and times for their workouts, list the type of exercise they will complete, and include the length of time for each activity.

As Bob Proctor, Coach and Mentor said, “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to result”. I look forward to the opportunity to support you and provide you with accountability during your progressive health and wellness transformation.

Talya Kosstrin