Wellness Workshops

Studies have shown that individual employee performance and job satisfaction and overall employee morale do not necessarily correlate to the size of a paycheck. Many companies now offer programs that enhance employee emotional and physical wellbeing. These programs have a discernable, quantifiable impact on job performance, employee satisfaction, retention rates and healthcare costs.

We offer the following as individual workshops or as a series of two or more. We also customize to include specific content that meets your needs.

  • Foods That Fuel You

  • Get Moving to Boost Your Energy

  • Sleep Your Way to a Productive Day

  • Stress Less and Calm the Mind

  • Prep and Plan Ahead for Success

Employees will learn to make more positive food and lifestyle choices and gain a greater understanding of behavior leading to increased energy, stress reduction, and improved physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a win-win for employees and for the company.

90-minute wellness workshops include:

  • An informative and engaging presentation

  • Interactive group activity

  • Handouts and giveaways

  • Tips and resources

  • Actionable steps

Contact me to schedule a phone or in-person meeting to discuss how we can best serve your needs and start your Orlando, Florida employees on a journey to wellness.