A Positive Mindset, The Stepping Stone To Positive Results

I recently attended an inspiring networking event in which one of the women suggested that we should be more cognizant of the words we use. Her message resonated with me. It made me think about the impact of negative self-talk and the necessity for a positive mindset as we journey towards a progressive health and wellness transformation.

Have you experienced a time when negative self-talk prevented you from achieving your goals? Do you ever have thoughts such as, “I am a terrible person because I know I shouldn’t be doing this,” or “I am a failure because I don’t see results right away?” I’m sure many of you are nodding and saying yes because you are human; however, this negative self-talk can hinder your progress and is emotionally detrimental.  I would like you to change these thoughts and focus on the positive. Commend yourself for getting up each morning and for taking that next step to reach your goal. You CAN do anything, but give yourself permission and the self-love to go through the process slowly and to gradually create new habits.

A positive attitude is key to successfully making changes. The formation of new habits is a journey, and you will experience ups and downs. You will have good days and bad days; the important thing is how you decide to react to the bad days and how you choose to move forward. When you begin the day with a positive mindset, take a can-do positive attitude, and release the self-criticism, you will start seeing more positive results.

I know you are probably saying to yourself, “alright, that’s great advice, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.” No worries, I’ve got you covered. ;-) Below are some of my top tips to help you shift your mindset, reframe negative self-talk, create a more positive attitude, and help you conquer your goals one step at a time.

  • Begin the day with an attitude of gratitude – Be grateful for what you have and the goals you already achieved versus solely focusing on the things you want to change. Ask yourself, “what am I grateful for right now?”

  • Incorporate positive mantras – Create a mantra that resonates with you such as, “I love myself. I believe in myself. I will take one more step today to achieve my goal, and I acknowledge my effort.”

  • Choose your words wisely - Change the phrases “I need” and “I should” to “I want” and “I will.” It will empower you to take charge and excite you.

  • Create positive reminders – Place on your mirror, your phone, or your computer affirmations, quotes, or notes to yourself that will motivate you and fuel you positively.

  • Reframe your goals – Rather than say, “I will be good and refrain from eating fast food this weekend,” which has a negative connotation, reframe these words to, “I look forward to nourishing my body with delicious, colorful whole foods and positive alternatives that will increase my energy and vitality.”

  • Focus on your accomplishments – Rather than focus on what you have yet to achieve, appreciate what you have already accomplished.

  • Celebrate each success along the journey – Acknowledge your progress daily. Congratulate yourself for each step you take in a positive direction. Try to keep a journal and note your achievements so you can look back and appreciate how far you have come.

  • Acknowledge the inner voices – The inner voices are natural. First, acknowledge them, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are okay, and turn any negative voices into positive ones.

  • Release perfection and stay the course – If you don’t have a “perfect” day, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, and definitely don’t give up. Small setbacks can happen as life happens. Continue and move forward on the following day.

  • End each night with gratitude and self-love – Just as you start the day with thoughts of gratitude rather than worrying about the past or the future, end the day by counting your blessings and looking forward to a relaxed night sleep to energize you.

Lastly, enjoy the process. Rather than choosing deprivation, restrictions, and self-discipline, choose to gradually add more good things to your life and crowd out the things that don’t serve you well. This process should be fun and rewarding, and it takes time. You know that goals are achieved one step at a time, one day at a time; know too that creating a more positive mindset is a gradual process, one that will make your journey a more positive experience.




Talya Kosstrin